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Top 10 Best Charity Shop Buys Ever – NUMBER 3

NUMBER 3! We’re getting close to the real zingers, but before those, we have this; a completely unintentional bargain.

I liked this belt. I just liked it. I liked the classic colours of tan and cream (let’s face it, ‘cream’ is probably meant to be ‘white’ and it is in need of a freshen up). I simply just liked it.

It had a French Riviera feel to it, I imagined it with striped chinos and a classic convertible. I mean, if you’re going to accessorise your accessories, you might as well go for it.

So, let me tell you the real story behind…

3. Coach belt

Item details:


Coach leather and canvas belt with gold buckle detail

Price Paid: £1


Let me take you back to 2013 and a frankly fantastic outfit (of which I still have all of the items apart from the Armani jeans which I eventually gave up on and decided they were always going to be too small before promptly losing weight). This was the moment that I realised what this belt was. It had taken a year. I’d never even examined it, I just liked it – did I mention that?

I had paid £1 for it and thought, even at that, it was a bargain. I wasn’t even sure if it was leather. I had worn it several times before writing that infamous blog post and simply never looked at it properly.

That morning, I had fiddled around with it a bit, wondered more than usual if it was leather and decided to investigate… not only was it leather, but there was a recognisable logo… a logo that I ordinarily couldn’t afford! Coach…


I have had to include a men’s belt above as a comparison as Coach don’t think that women need to hold their trousers up any more apparently, and as this is not all leather, I doubt the £175 would be a true representation. However, belts seem to start at £145 so I’ll go with that.

Imagine paying £1 for this, you’d pay more in Primark for something that you;d have to punch your own holes in!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This belt is a very small size. It has a deliberate symmetrical look to it which doesn’t work for me when I wear it on my hips, simply because I’m too wide and it ends up offset. A higher pair of fitted trousers and the belt looks impeccable. I’m going to attempt to get it back to white from cream any day now, it’s only been 5 years.

NUMBER 3 has been and gone. Only the penultimate item and the top spot to go! I’m almost certainly more excited than you are.


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