Short Stories / The Red Dress

The Red Dress – Chapter 10 – Catherine

Catherine – Chapter 10

Catherine hadn’t intended to be fashionably late, however Harriet and Stephanie had suddenly shown great interest in her bargain find, both dropping not so subtle hints if they could borrow it only after having thoroughly checked that it was ‘BNWT’. Stephanie had then insisted on helping Catherine with her hair while Harriet barked orders as she glanced up and down at the Tatler magazine from which they were taking their inspiration. Catherine’s schedule now looked decidedly tight and she decided to hop in to an Uber despite the short journey, a decision made easier by the addition of Harriet’s sky high Louboutin platform peep toes.

On arrival, Catherine was ushered to the second floor by a stressed looking hostess and advised that most people were already there. Her late entrance caused the turning of heads, their initial attention then held by the fact that no one knew who the hell she was. After a brief pause, Olivia glided up to her side clasping a bottle of Veuve Clicquot and an empty flute, saying breathily “Catherine, dahling, champagne?” Catherine nodded, scouring the table to locate Ben and see if she had caught his eye. His gaze darted down quickly as she locked eye contact with him for the briefest of seconds. Olivia now had her elbow clasped tightly and was insisting she came and sat with ‘the girls’. Just as Catherine was about to be dragged out of view, she noticed an extremely slim and beautiful blonde woman with her left arm linked through Ben’s at the end of the table. As her weight was pulled inexorably downwards by the gaggle of women wanting to know more about Catherine’s outfit, she couldn’t help but notice a giant pear shaped diamond on the mystery blonde’s ring finger, just as the sight disappeared from view.


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