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I originally wrote my ‘About Me’ page 4 years ago and I’ve decided to leave the original at the bottom so you can judge for yourself how much I have changed… or not.

So now I’m 29 and really really really looking forward to my thirties. I’ve been through two self induced meltdowns from pushing myself too hard to achieve and putting myself under way too much pressure. I’ve returned to my wardrobe as a place to be creative, have fun and be daring and in so doing have decided to re-start my blog (to legitimise my shopping habit, no changes there).

I still work in Oil and Gas, but for a new company that gives me a lot more freedom and happiness (still with valves, still glamorous), it’s a wonderful place to work.

I’ve learned an awful lot about shopping in charity shops… namely, be selective!!! I have found that the best way is to buy your basics and staples new, and then hunt for so called ‘statement pieces’ (blogger term puke – but it’s a stereotype for a reason, because it’s right) in the charity shops. If there’s ever a shred of doubt about whether you LOVE something, and I mean you need to LOVE it, then don’t buy it, and don’t justify a purchase by the price. If it’s a waste of money then it’s the same waste of money if it’s £8 or £80.


Original bio below if you’re nosy…


I’m 25 and almost looking forward to my thirties. I work in an office in the Aberdeen Oil Industry selling pipeline valves which is as glamorous as it sounds.

I decided to start this blog to legitimise my shopping habit. Now I can spend all my weekends shopping and claim it as ‘research’. I love a bargain, but after years of reckless purchases in the sales, I decided to lean more heavily than ever on charity shops. This has revolutionised the way I shop. Instead of sticking to the prescribed trends of the high street, often rammed down our throats as soon as we enter the store, I am now more able to buy and wear stuff that suits my sense of style without being bullied into floral bell bottomed mini skirts.

I hope to add a sense of humour to the whole debacle, and please… never take my photography too seriously. If you’re looking for pretty photographs of Chanel perfume bottles, you’re in the wrong place!

Lots of love, Megan x


10 thoughts on “About Me

    • Thank you so much! I like to think that, although it is a fashion blog, that it is a slightly different concept and supports the charities themselves. It is less about me and more about fashion! the great thing about Charity shops is that usually you can find things that no one else has, although recently I have stumbled across a couple of identical items that I have in my wardrobe which is just freaky! I have had a quick look at your blog, looks gorgeous. I shall delve into it properly tonight! Thanks for taking the time to comment x

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  2. Hello Megan,
    My name is Barbara Walmsley and I am rather grandly called the Volunteer Bridal Co-ordinator for Oxfam. I started Oxfam Bridal from my back bedroom in 1985 and am constantly thrilled as we expand more and more. I don’t work from home anymore but we have 12 departments, (11 in the UK and 1 in Dublin). My role is to try and source as much stock as possible and keep in contact with all the departments. We are thrilled that you have given us such a glowing recommendation and are very grateful. What most people don’t realise is that most of our stock comes from bridal shops after their sales so has only been tried on by potential brides in the shop. Of course we are always very grateful for donations from ex-brides as well. Our advantages are that we have a wide range of stock from many different sources, our prices are very competitive and our volunteer staff will take a great deal of trouble to help a bride choose a dress with no hard sell involved. The bride who buys from us also knows that her action means that some desperately poor people will have their lives made a lot easier. That’s a happy thought to take with you to your wedding!

    • Hello Barbara,
      Thank you for your extra information as to how stock is sourced, I had no idea! I shall copy and paste this as a comment on the Bridal post itself so that other people see it and perhaps it will encourage more people to take this route when choosing a wedding dress.
      Thank you again, it is appreciated.

  3. Hi Megan, my name is Laura Kennedy, I manage the CHSS boutique in Cults. I was handed your card today and came to meet you but you were gone. Been reading your blogs….and love them. I hope you were impressed with our shop, and next time you are in, give me a shout. Xx

  4. Hi there,

    I’ve just been reading through your blog and really enjoyed your posts! I’m currently volunteering for Age Scotland and wanted to invite you to our new Union Street charity shop that will be opening next week on Thursday, 7th February. We’re very excited to be opening our second shop in Glasgow and it would be great if you’d like to pop by.

    We’ve just started spreading the word about our shops online so if you’d like to learn more about them you can check out our Facebook page or Twitter account (Age Scotland – Glasgow Charity Shops) 🙂


  5. Hi Farrah!
    Thank you for your kind invitation! I shall look into train tickets for the journey? I presume that I can turn up at any point during the day? Or is the main event going to be at a certain time? I would be travelling from Aberdeen so would need to leave around 4 hours to get there.


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