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Word on the street: Banchory Red Cross has had a refit!

There have been a number of charities recently that have seen benefits from refitting their shops to give them more high street appeal. This is often met with mixed reviews from shoppers with traditionalists preferring a game of hide and seek with a good bargain, and others who prefer perhaps a more sanitary shopping experience. … Continue reading

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2. The Village – What a great idea for kids!

On reading that, some of my friends will have already dialled 999 and requested medical attention for me as I must have come over in some sort of delirious fever. You see, I dislike children. I have since I was a child myself, regarding them with narrowed eyes, radiating a disdain from afar. Ah just think of the people carriers … Continue reading

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1. The Village – A Vintage Scene in Inverness

This weekend’s trip to Inverness revealed some interesting time-worn finds. None more so than The Village. This is a whole establishment devoted to antiquated loveliness. Rails upon rails of beautiful clothing all very reasonably priced. Think of it as a vintage emporium with a variety of other facilities thrown in. Upon speaking to Ruth Oulton and Dave Lynch, … Continue reading

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Cable knits with open toes? OBJECTION!

I love dressing inappropriately for the weather. I get a kick out of sideways glances, frowns and general malcontent from my fellow humans. In fact, it’s not so much dressing inappropriately for the weather, as much as taking into account the weather with one item and simultaneously disregarding it with everything else that I am … Continue reading