Tinkerer, Tailor, Seamstress, Sew
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Tinkerer, Tailor, Seamstress, Sew

Have you ever fancied getting something tailored but didn’t know how much it would cost? This is the post for you. Filled with handy tailoring tips and ideas. Heads up – this is not a DIY. You’ve met me right? Continue reading

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Is ‘Essex Girl’ a genetic condition?

We’re all aware of the ‘Essex Girl’ and white stiletto’s stereotype, but recently white stilettos have made a return. They have not only successfully circumnavigated ‘chav’ and made it back on to fashion’s cool wall, but they may have actually strayed into the realms of ‘classy’ given the calibre of the people currently wearing them… … Continue reading

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Word on the street: Banchory Red Cross has had a refit!

There have been a number of charities recently that have seen benefits from refitting their shops to give them more high street appeal. This is often met with mixed reviews from shoppers with traditionalists preferring a game of hide and seek with a good bargain, and others who prefer perhaps a more sanitary shopping experience. … Continue reading