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New house

See the light

I am not sure what the previous owners had against the colour white. Every single wooden surface in this house, which in any other house would be traditional white, is instead either pink, cream, olive or avocado, and that’s being complimentary as I would otherwise describe it as a pastel shade of goat diarrhoea. I … Continue reading


When you buy your first house, leap around the living room with delight when you get the keys, and then realise that it stinks…

Some of you may be aware that the deep void in communication between myself and the outside world is down to the purchase of our first house together. Of course you would be expecting this tale to be mushy in its entirety, full of romantic breakfasts in bed, glasses of wine in the garden and … Continue reading

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Is ‘Essex Girl’ a genetic condition?

We’re all aware of the ‘Essex Girl’ and white stiletto’s stereotype, but recently white stilettos have made a return. They have not only successfully circumnavigated ‘chav’ and made it back on to fashion’s cool wall, but they may have actually strayed into the realms of ‘classy’ given the calibre of the people currently wearing them… … Continue reading